Design, implementation and management
of applied solutions

LPWAN networks

We provide complete services and solutions based on Internet of Things using LPWAN (Low Power WAN) networks.



Modems have low power consumption during transmission and zero power consumption in idle mode, and are thus capable of enduring several years.



LPWAN networks have a range in the order of kilometres, which makes the network efficient.



Connectivity costs are significantly lower compared to other transmission technologies.

Softvérová podpora

Software support

We provide a complete solution, including a software tool for data visualisation.

We also offer to our customers the possibility of direct data visualisation in our cloud infrastructure. The data is both stored and visualised with us, including the option of setting up email or SMS notifications. Implementation is very simple and fast, data can be seen immediately upon sensor activation.

Sensors by segments

We provide a wide range of ready-made sensors or modem integration for a specific sensor for selected segments.

Operation of companies

Operation of companies

Sensors for monitoring machine start-ups and failures, energy load, vibrations.



Sensors for monitoring air temperature and humidity, wind strength and direction, groundwater levels. Sensors can also be used to monitor river water levels to prevent flash floods.

Smart City

Smart City

Monitoring of air quality parameters, occupancy of parking lots, energy efficiency of buildings, prevention of forest fires, local floods or entry into forest stands.



Sensors of entrances to buildings, opening doors and hatches or monitoring the movement of equipment. We offer special equipment for enhancing safety (occupational health and safety) of employees.


About us

Keners Ltd. is an IoT integrator focusing on specific (B2B) segments of all network industries such as energy, water supply and heating, as well as solutions in the field of monitoring individual components of the environment with an overlap into agriculture.

Our solutions are characterised by specificity, where we implement the integration of high-precision measuring systems with the LPWAN broadcast radio.

Company is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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